Sunday, July 11, 2010

flattery or insult?

Icon Bar, 5:00AM
I was with des, standing by the bar dancing to our heart's content. Adam was in the washroom. A foreigner pops in front of me, extends his hand and says hi.
Foreign guy : Hi! I'm Jayson. You are?
Me : (10 second pause) Hi! I'm Michelle.
Foreign guy : (doesn't let go of my hand and leans even closer) How are you?
Me : I'm good.
Foreign guy : wanna dance?
Me : nah, i'm tired. Thanks!
Foreign guy : Wanna go to my place?
Me : Uh, No.
Foreign guy : So, wanna go to your place then?
Me : (giving him a pat on the shoulder) Nope, try someone else

A few minutes later, as des and i were walking towards the washroom, same guy approached me and goes:

Foreign guy : Hi.
Me : You already said hi to me earlier
Foreign guy : I know, so are we going to your place?

i upped and left before he can say anything else.
flattery or insult? take your pick.


voodoo girl said...

oh my goodness! i don't know if i should laugh or feel irritated either.

sushi said...

the first try wad irritating...the second was a bit funny.
Pero naman! mukha ba kong exotic hoe?

didi said...

nah!! must be your twins! LOL!!!

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