Thursday, November 29, 2007

today in history

first, there was the oakwood mutiny

today, it was the manila peninsula

when will it stop?

i work in ayala ave. and i have witnessed more than my fair share of rallies during the last 3 years. frankly, incidents like these have become ridiculous, bordering on stupidity.

i'm no fan of GMA but i don't think she's that bad. in fact, i have come to admire her resilience and tenacity.

all i'm saying is, give her a chance. enough with all these oust-the-president drama.

if one wants to solve a problem, why be part of it?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

pre birthday episode

i'm having one right now.

i know i SHOULD be excited.

but somehow i CAN'T make myself to be.

one more year, another notch to my existence. over 3 decades of my life have come to pass.

am i where i thought i would be ten years ago? have i made something of myself? but the more important question is, am i happy?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

bootie call?

he did it again.

i was getting ready for bed when i noticed that i had a text message. it was from him and it was sent 2 hours ago.

it read, kape?

thinking it was too late to reply, i still did. asked him if he was in town and for how long.

his reply, punta ko dyan?

since it was already 2AM i called him instead just to make sure he really was in manila and to offer lunch instead.

he never answered.

he's done it again.

and i thought he'd have balls by now. what the fuck was that?!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

work whore yet again

3 weeks of non-stop overtime work sure did take it's toll as i am now at home nursing a flu.

i haven't seen my friends in a looonng time, my nails are screaming for attention and my roots are beginning to show.

i desperately need a ME time soon! otherwise imma go nuts!

time sure does fly and before i even realize it, it's gonna be my birthday soon. as i told april, i'm not at all excited. i'm turning 32 for crying out loud! what's to be excited about? hehehe!

anyway, i'm off to bed now. i'm reading this really nice book, P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern and i wanna finish it tonight.

it's back to work for me tomorrow and i am so NOT thrilled. hmn...maybe i can skip work again hehehehe!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

in the company of REALLY GOOD FRIENDS

i had the best time last weekend.

since pam is leaving soon, we all decided that our monthly "date" be spent on the beach.

a good 3 hours drive from manila, Sabangan Beach is ideal for intimate weekend getaways. the cottages/bungalows were few so there weren't many people on the resort. each unit was built a few meters apart providing enough privacy for the guests. resort employees were very accommodating and the beach (with the exception of the coarse sand) was clear - clear enough that i actually went swimming (well, that plus the fact that i love meann to bits!).

but more than the beach, the food and the booze, it was a weekend spent with GOOD, GOOD FRIENDS. ayi, who, despite of what he's going through still manages to make us laugh with his usual witty remarks; meann who gives a damn but refuses to admit that she does, beyond the tough exterior, she is one of the most caring person i know and i miss her dearly; pam, whose determination and constant hunger for better opportunities is finally paying off; jacky, whose naivety and kind heart allows her to trust and see the good in people, i'm with her in her so-called quest for our shrek; dennis, whose smile simply lights up a room not to mention makes head turns, his passion to support kids with cancer is indeed admirable. it would've been perfect had mamu, shai and alexis been there as well.

they are simple people with simple joys. and i am glad to have them in my life. the friendship i have with them is one i will NEVER trade for anything. i have their backs as i know they have mine. they know when to listen and when to say the right things. they are part of the few who i'd want to be BOTH in my wedding and in my funeral.

and though we don't get to spend as much time together as we want, they are simply wonderful blessings which i will forever be grateful for.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

out in the open

so the secret is out. while i was frolicking away, my sister finally told my parents that she's getting married.

the best part is that my parents like the bf and they have no apprehension so long as marriage is really what they want for all the right reasons.

he brings out the best in my sister. he makes her laugh. he encourages her to pray. my sister has turned into a completely different person - happy and positive. and from an older sister's point of view, that's all that matters.

so to you my dearest sister, congratulations. all the best to you and marlon. he better not make you cry or hell will freeze over. you can bet on that.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

the jologs in me

yes, i have tons of jologs bones in my body and i ain't ashamed of saying so.

  • i am a certified PBB addict! i try to make it home early as often as i can just so i can catch it on TV!

  • i've seen almost all Aga Muhlach movies and i still get excited everytime.

  • i love squid balls. especially the ones being sold along Ayala Ave. yummmm!

  • i recently discovered that when it comes to beer, nothing beats red horse. it's cheap, tastes better and the best part, 2 bottles and i'm done!

  • i still have my Yves Dignadice scrapbook which i made when i was in 4th grade. i dunno why i keep it though. i just can't seem to part with it hahaha!

  • so there, love me or hate me. take your pick :D

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