Monday, April 03, 2006

life's blows

a couple of weeks ago, i found out that one of my dearest friends is sick real bad...he was diagnosed to have the early stages of leukemia (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia)

the news was a total blow...i waited for the punch line but it never came. i couldn't react when

he told me...questions flooded my kept nagging at the back of my head....

why him?

why not the scums of the earth, the good for nothing lame excuses for human beings? why not the low lives and the selfish pricks? why not the ungrateful sons and irresponsible brothers?

why him?

i was to find out eventually....

after several visits with him, i know now why.

it's because...

his family and friends love him dearly
his faith is strong and untarnished
his spirit, positive and vibrant
he is strongwilled and driven

he has no room for hate, he doesn't question why

all these said, i know now why him...because no one i know can win this battle other than him....while others would weep, he will smile...while others would quit, he will move on and fight....while others would feel sorry for themselves, he will continue to see the silver lining....

i love him dearly and he knows that.

this isn't the end....this is just a bump, a hurdle in his which i know he'll overcome....


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