Sunday, April 09, 2006

can i just say that...

1. it is sooooo feakin hot and i can't wait to get out of town and get drunk by the poolside woohooo!!!

2. i haven't been getting much sleep for the past couple of days because i'm tryin to finish the da vinci code. yes folks, i have yet to finish reading the ever so popular dan brown novel but i'm gettin there...a few more pages and probably another sleepless night or two hehehehe!

3. I love bethany joy lenz' songs! as i was lookin for the soundtrack of One Tree Hill, I came across Elsewhere and i can't believe i'm gonna say this but her version was better than that of Sarah McLachlan! can't wait for her album to come out! (

4. i have to visit my ever reliable nail salon as my hands and feet badly need attention! eeewww!

5. my first attempt at making pesto was a disaster! hahahha!

6. my new goal for the year : prepare the perfect pesto sauce!

7. thanks to gerson's wife, maya, i found the perfect moisturizer!

8. my dear friend ayi is doin' pretty well and i cannot be happier

9. my sister is officially home. yup! after a few weeks of tryin to make it on her own, she has finally called it quits. could be coz she misses moi? hehehe! in any case, i'm so glad she's back!

10. I AM HAPPY AND family is healthy, i have a good job, really loyal and wonderful friends and a fabulous hair! ;)

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