Tuesday, November 06, 2007

in the company of REALLY GOOD FRIENDS

i had the best time last weekend.

since pam is leaving soon, we all decided that our monthly "date" be spent on the beach.

a good 3 hours drive from manila, Sabangan Beach is ideal for intimate weekend getaways. the cottages/bungalows were few so there weren't many people on the resort. each unit was built a few meters apart providing enough privacy for the guests. resort employees were very accommodating and the beach (with the exception of the coarse sand) was clear - clear enough that i actually went swimming (well, that plus the fact that i love meann to bits!).

but more than the beach, the food and the booze, it was a weekend spent with GOOD, GOOD FRIENDS. ayi, who, despite of what he's going through still manages to make us laugh with his usual witty remarks; meann who gives a damn but refuses to admit that she does, beyond the tough exterior, she is one of the most caring person i know and i miss her dearly; pam, whose determination and constant hunger for better opportunities is finally paying off; jacky, whose naivety and kind heart allows her to trust and see the good in people, i'm with her in her so-called quest for our shrek; dennis, whose smile simply lights up a room not to mention makes head turns, his passion to support kids with cancer is indeed admirable. it would've been perfect had mamu, shai and alexis been there as well.

they are simple people with simple joys. and i am glad to have them in my life. the friendship i have with them is one i will NEVER trade for anything. i have their backs as i know they have mine. they know when to listen and when to say the right things. they are part of the few who i'd want to be BOTH in my wedding and in my funeral.

and though we don't get to spend as much time together as we want, they are simply wonderful blessings which i will forever be grateful for.


Anonymous said...

ate, coarse, not course...i'm sure, slip of the pen...

sushi said...

hahahahha! shempre hinanap ko kng asan yan! wrong spelling wrong?!

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