Sunday, November 25, 2007

bootie call?

he did it again.

i was getting ready for bed when i noticed that i had a text message. it was from him and it was sent 2 hours ago.

it read, kape?

thinking it was too late to reply, i still did. asked him if he was in town and for how long.

his reply, punta ko dyan?

since it was already 2AM i called him instead just to make sure he really was in manila and to offer lunch instead.

he never answered.

he's done it again.

and i thought he'd have balls by now. what the fuck was that?!


Anonymous said...

Yeah... what the fuck was that all about?!

sushi said...

i'll get back to you if and when i do find out ;)

Anonymous said...

who's he? how come you've not mention him?

sushi said...

uh..could be coz he's not worth mentioning? hehehehe!

he's just some guy i had a thing with a few years back.

he didn't have balls then...he doesn't have balls now ;)

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