Thursday, November 01, 2007

the jologs in me

yes, i have tons of jologs bones in my body and i ain't ashamed of saying so.

  • i am a certified PBB addict! i try to make it home early as often as i can just so i can catch it on TV!

  • i've seen almost all Aga Muhlach movies and i still get excited everytime.

  • i love squid balls. especially the ones being sold along Ayala Ave. yummmm!

  • i recently discovered that when it comes to beer, nothing beats red horse. it's cheap, tastes better and the best part, 2 bottles and i'm done!

  • i still have my Yves Dignadice scrapbook which i made when i was in 4th grade. i dunno why i keep it though. i just can't seem to part with it hahaha!

  • so there, love me or hate me. take your pick :D

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