Saturday, March 08, 2008

boy updates

i just got off the phone with D. yes, he's sorta back in my life. no, not back back. just back. we've been hogging the phone talking these past two weekends and it's been great. just like old times, only this time, we're older and wiser i hope.

and since guy bestfriend is still indisposed, i welcome D's return.


as for peter pan, i realized that we really don't fit. he's a friend and will remain such until we both turn gray and wrinkley.


there's this guy in my building whom i've had the hugest crush on since the day i first saw him at the elevator. you know, the kind you had in highschool where just the mere sight of him makes your knees wobble? i have that hahaha. since i don't know his name, plus the fact that it is so apt, i decided to call him my big boy papa (jologs mode on! hahaha!) anyway, he's been MIA for who knows how long. bummer! i wonder where he is.


ps. why i wrote that last bit about this big boy papa still puzzles me hahaha!

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