Thursday, February 21, 2008


me: so what's your plan this weekend?

guy bestfriend: i'm gonna scout for apartments with the gf. how are you?

me: what the fuck? you guys getting married??

guy bestfriend: talked about it, maybe next year

me: oh, ok. good luck then. with the apartment hunting, that is

end of conversation.

just as i said, what the fuck? they just met and now they're getting married? i have yet to meet the gf since i begged off when he said he was gonna introduce me. i did say i needed time to summon nuff will power to do that and i personally don't think the will power has reached that point. especially not now when there are wedding talks on the way.

i do miss my friend. i know deep down i'm happy for him. but what can i do?

i am but human (haha must i be so dramatic?! argh!). i have yet to recover from the gf news and now this?

what's next? him, asking me to be a bridesmaid??? argh!

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