Thursday, March 13, 2008

we were kids once more

when we were young, i must say that we were blessed with such wonderful parents. we were never rich, in fact, in my earlier years, my dad was in between jobs and my mom barely made ends meet. we lived a simple life and we were happy. we would go out every Sunday and just spend time together. we may not have been blessed with expensive clothes or lived in a house with a pool and a maid but we were just as happy.

we were, however, blessed with the fondest of childhood memories. from the great London Circus to Spellbound to the moving Christmas display at COD in Cubao not to mention countless carousel rides at the Fiesta Carnival, my siblings and i were always thrilled.

often over dinner, we would talk about those times. happy times indeed. and we never get tired talking about it.

last night, my brother, gave us the chance to be kids again. he got us tickets for the Wanders show at PAGCOR'S Grand Theater at the Airport Casino. excited cannot begin to describe how we all felt. it was like the London Circus all over again. only bigger because this time, it was on us and my parents were there as guests.

my brother could not have picked a better show to watch. from start to finish, people were clapping. it was simply awesome. the lights, the costumes, the music, it was like being in Vegas. there were showgirls, contortionists, drummers (kinda like the bluemen in Vegas, only they were green), acrobats and fab fab singers and dancers. the aerial acrobatics cum cirque de soleil was my favorite. there were chills when dancers appeared from the ceiling, ever so gracefully dancing on air. it was spectacular.

last night was one of the best nights of my adult life. we were kids once again and my parents loved every minute of it.


we were not allowed to bring in cameras so i wasn't able to take snapshots and videos. in any case, just to give you an idea on what the show is about, you may click on this link. it runs til Dec. 29 and is a must for the kids and the kids at heart.

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