Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Josh Groban tickets

so i called Ticketworld today (for the nth time) and much to my dismay, tickets are still not on sale.

bad news is that only 3,000 tickets will be sold. more bad news, it's gonna be the only show in Asia. and the worst news is, ticket prices are ridiculously high!

so now i'm thinkin, do i love him enough to spend 10K for 1 friggin show????

argh! if only money grew on trees!


bing sexy said...

wag na kasi nood josh... :op

sushi said...

hehe! i still have a few days left to decide :D

nicole said...

i may be able to help you with the tix...which day do you prefer and what's your budget?
i'll get back to you with more details maybe tomorrow.
medyo magulo nga ang details ng ticket sales.
as of now 25k, 20k sides nalang, 5k for balcony (being the cheapest also)
you can email me at


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