Friday, August 31, 2007

under the weather

i've had colds the last couple of days and at the rate i'm goin', i may very well be in the verge of having a flu.

my nose and throat are still sore from constant sneezing (yes, even the softest kleenex can irritate huhuhuu) and my whole body feels as if i just had an entire day of workout.

that being said, you'd think i'd stay in and be done for the night. but no! i'm off to meet up with april for a weekend of cocktails and dvds at her pad.

it's the end of the week. it's the end of the month.
more importantly, i just got my paycheck.

so, before i start hearing christmas carols (i don't like 'em), runny nose and all, i'm headed out to have a fun time. all the while keepin my fingers crossed that all the alcohol would kill whatever virus i have.

happy weekend everyone!

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