Saturday, September 01, 2007

window shopping (not!)

normally, i'm not a fan of mall sales. for one, i don't like crowded places plus i don't have the female genes of going from one shop to another just to browse or try on stuff.

april, on the other hand, is a self-confessed shopaholic. i stayed in her pad last night (read - we stayed up to the wee hours and woke up around noon) with the intention of going to the gym. but since we woke up late, we ended up going to the mall instead.

"let's just window shop", we both agreed. anyway, it's gonna be our "work-out" for the day. cardio in style hahaha!

of course in girl world, window shopping never happens. april wanted to look for oxford pumps and i needed to buy a pair of jeans.

so, what did we end up buying? a pair of jeans for me and fab fab wedge shoes each - mine, a metallic black, and hers a metallic silver just coz it matches her outfit!

whew! i wonder how much calories we burned with all that work out?

oh! and by the way, the vodka did kill some of the virus hahahaha!

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