Sunday, September 16, 2007

all for the sake of beauty

since my sister had her upper lip waxed, she had been nagging me to do the same. she even volunteered to pay for the salon just so i can have them removed. personally, i don't think they're even that bad. i mean, i'm far from lookin like a man nor do i have the need to shave or anything. in fact, some even say it adds to one's sex appeal.

this afternoon, however, since she just got discharged from Asian Hospital (she had severe tummy ache thursday night so we had to rush her there), i figured i had to give in.

so, armed with Epilin, a lighter and a candle burner, i allowed my sister to have her way with my upper lip. i braced myself for what was expected of hot wax on skin and i was surprised that it wasn't so bad. in fact, we were laughing the entire time.

now, not only does my sister feel better, my upper lip is hair-free. what a weekend indeed.


princessgen said...

glad to hear pau's fine... it was so nice seeing you! :o)

sushi said...

yeah. thanks for droppin by the hospital. see you on christmas? ;)

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