Monday, September 03, 2007

blinded by love's sweet woes

love is blind goes one saying. another says something about it not being blind but that it just refuses to see. however which way one may see it, i don't get it. never had and never will. and i say that with utmost certainty.

it then comes naturally that i would say a thing or two whenever a friend falls into this shithole of a place. you know, that kind when you're so in love that even if everybody is asking what the heck are you doin, stop before it's too late, etc., you simply refuse to listen without batting an eyelash?

i mean, what's up with that??? i hate it when i see smart women turn into decripit individuals who always end up justifying whatever wrong their partners did. and not only that, they keep coming back for more.

the battered wife syndrome could very well be applied to such since abuse is not limited to that of the physical. anything that violates one's right as a human being no matter how trivial or small should never be tolerated.

it frustrates me when a friend is caught in this web. and no matter what us friends say or do, they still won't add up. coz in the end, it is their life. it is their choice. all we could do is pray and wait that they realize it before it gets too late.

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Frodo said...

I guess the same can be said for us males as regard to the female counterpart of a wimpy male...

...and yes, some males get battered too and get abused both physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

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