Wednesday, September 05, 2007

blogs ghosts of the past

i opened my old blog account today since i wanted to include the old entries in this website. since blogger is unable to import from another blog site, i had to go through each and transfer them one by one (unless of course, there is another way of doing it, which i didn't know about)

as i went from one entry to the next, i can't help but feel weird about it. it was my life in 2005 and boy, what a year it was.

-- had a boyfriend
-- fell in love (yeah, the falling in love part came in later hahaha!) -- fell in love with his kid
-- was confronted by the kid's mom
-- an ex got married (to someone who looked like me! hahaha!)
-- turned 30
-- found out the bf was cheating on me from the girl he was cheating on me with
-- broke up with the bf and never saw him again since

reading about the past brought back familiar feelings. while a bulk of what happened ended on a sad note, i no longer harbor such feelings.

but to say that i wasn't affected is an absolute hypocrisy. it was, after all, part of what made me the person i am today.

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