Monday, November 28, 2005

i will be 30 soon

a few days from now, i shall bid farewell to my twenties. yes my friends, next week, i will no longer belong to the 20-something group. i will be part of the 30 and above box. (something to get used to when filling out application forms!)

dreadful? be honest? i'm not quite sure. maybe it hasn't sunk in yet. in denial? gosh i hope not! i'm leaning more towards excited. now that's a surprise huh? i guess i've watched too much Sex and the City that their fabulous look at thirty something gals kinda rubbed on me.

i usually get emotional as my birthday draws near. this year, i intend to do otherwise. this year isn't about me. it won't be about me.

my dad and i share the same birthday. since i was born, i know he never got to celebrate his anymore. it has become more of my thing, him being older and all. this year however, i won't let that happen. this year is gonne be for him.

i would tell you more about him on my next entry. for now, suffice it is for me to say that he has the most beautiful soul i know. the most caring hands. the warmest smile. the father whom i won't ever trade for anything in the world.

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