Monday, December 05, 2005

daddy's little girl

i never thought that writing about my dad would be this difficult! i have so much to say and yet i couldn't find the right words.

i always get emotional whenever i talk about him and today is no exception. i am after all his little girl. being the eldest of 3, when i was young, papa would always tell me that i was his first love. and indeed i was. he just didn't know he was mine as well.

papa tells the funniest jokes. his stories and pranks bring sunshine on every one in the room with him and just makes everybody's day.

papa has the most caring hands. when one of us is sick, he is the first person to get up and look after us. he would stay by our bedside and wouldn't sleep until he knows we're feeling better.

papa has the gentlest voice. his words never failed to soothe and give us comfort especially when we were at our lowest. his sensitivity is a gift as he always knows when to say the right words

papa has the most beautiful soul i've ever come across. he doesn't see the bad but sees the good in people and things. he has the biggest heart, his love is unconditional. he gives without expecting any in return.

papa has the simplest of joys and each time something nice comes along he is always grateful.

i wish i could be even half the person he is.

all that i am now, i owe to him. he is a blessing. he is an angel. he's my inspiration. he is my friend and he is the best father in the world.

i may not always say it but i know he knows that i love him.

happy birthday papa!

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