Wednesday, September 26, 2007

things to be happy about

as a song goes, you've got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative so that's what i've been doing the past couply of days. my personal life took another dramatic episode. but instead of moping and sulkin, i learned that it's best to just look at the good.

so, here are things that i'm happy about:

after weeks of sucky turnover, i'm finally enjoying my new job. i feel like for the first time in years, i'm using what i learned in college and i'm so up for any challenge that may come my way.

i'm learning and i'm happy.


pau's new car came today so it's time to enroll in driving school. she took me for a spin when i got home tonight and i must say, for a beginner, she drives better than some people i know.

we have yet to name her though. that's always crucial so we're gonna have to wait til she gets baptized. hahahaha.


we're going home to bulacan this sunday for the annual town fiesta. i always get excited when we go back to my birthtown as i get to see my cousins who i grew up with. this year, it's gonna be extra special as kuya eugene is back and well on his way to recovery. we all have missed him so we can't wait.


my sister and i have gone closer. she is my best friend as i am to her. and whatever drama that we're going through right now, i know we are each other's ally.

bring it on!


Frodo said...

Sushi dear:

It's nice to know that you are very much aware of the blessings that you have. That's correct, it's best to just look at the good... looking at the mirror is a good start! *wink, wink! nudge, nudge!*

I tell you sweetie, it's not that I'm trivializing the crappy stuff that has come into your life... it's just that I'm pretty much sure that given a choice, there are a huge number of people who would rather have your crap than having what they presently have.

Good luck and good for you! *MWAH!*

sushi said...

i know ;)
what doesn't kill me makes me stronger right?
shet! supergirl na ako!

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