Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lesson Learned #2

Anything that is too much is not good and OVERthinking is NOT an exception.
For those who know me, i'm sure it's common knowledge that i tend to think too much. I've always lived by the rule of being not just 1 but 2 steps forward all the time. Firmly believing that no matter how careful one can be, there is always that probability that something bad will come out eventually.
In all my previous relationships, i have been guilty of this. I THINK TOO MUCH! And, while it has saved me a lot of tears and mishaps, there have been some instances where it backfired. Opportunities were lost and the list of my what if's and could've beens started to pile up.
Last night, i did it again! I've been talking to an old friend the past couple of days now and while i'm happy with the fact that after three years, we have once again reconnected, a part of me is a bit wary of seeing him. Being the way i am, i've created a whole bunch of nuisances to think about. Instead of lookin forward to it, I started to stress over stuff like, what if we feel the same way/what if we don't? or what if i feel the same and he doesn't and vice versa? Bottomline, i dreaded seeing him again!
And then I realized, what the hell am i doing pre-empting things and losing sleep over something that may or may not happen? I will have to do things differently this time. We lost each other before because we both thought too much when in fact it was so simple.
So now, imma take my sweet time and see where this goes. Nuff with the drama! I'm goin out with him this weekend and let's see what happens. Be it friendship or beyond, who knows? Either way, i'm just as glad to have him back.
Besides, as Jack Burton aptly put it, "You were not put upon this earth to get it!"


Anonymous said...

That's right, Gems. You think too much. Carpe diem! After that live and let live. That way it's always a win-win situation. My prayers that you'd finally get that happily ever after thingy... no matter who or what would take you to that magical place called happiness... Fro.

stoicsushi said...

hahaha! hence the lesson learned!and yes, i know my happily ever after will come ;)

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