Wednesday, February 14, 2007

valentine shmalentine

not that i'm a bitter, self-righteous biyatch but i really really don't understand the fuss that people go through just to get by this day.

flowers, balloons, restaurant reservations, love letters, countless text messages are the main (if not the only) concerns of everybody.

all in all, today is a day destined to be a day of mush. a day where lovers/couples try not to fight and be at their best behavior.

don't get me wrong. i'm all for being nice and sweet. i just don't get it why people choose but one day to do this. one day. just one day. while it's true that doing one thing all the time robs it of it's special what-not, that i love you said all the time takes away it's meaning, that dinner reservations often made kinda makes it just one of those ordinary meals, i still don't get it why everybody chooses only this day for such.

wouldn't it be nicer to have valentine moments even in march or june or august? it doesn't have to be a dozen expensive roses or a fancy dinner. just a simple note or breakfast in bed or a well thought of movie will suffice.

random acts of sweetness are better by a mile over the expected events that would transpire on valentine's day.

i may seem like the scrooge of valentine's day but at least i don't wait for today to come to do the things that most people do on this day.

still, in the spirit of St. Valentine ....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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