Monday, January 29, 2007

happily ever after

he is a 71-Yr old retired farm consultant.
she is a 56-Yr old full time housewife.

he was her 1st boyfriend.
she was his 13th.
they were each other's last.

he whispers i love you to her every morning.
she can't eat without him.

they hold hands even inside the church.
they would fight but will be laughing a few minutes after.

i've seen them in their highest of highs and their lowest of lows.
they are each other's strength.

as i sat across them on the dinner table, i tell myself that someday, i too will have that kind of love. one that is unconditional. one that is real. one that will weather any storm. one that isn't perfect but almost is.

in the age of broken marriages and falling outs, they stand firm to their vows, committed since the day they were married.

they have given me hope.
a hope that a love as beautiful as theirs still exist.

Happy Anniversary Mama and Papa.
All my love to both of you!

Someday, i will have my turn.
My happily ever after will come.
I know that because of you.


sentimentalschmuck said...

naiyak ako promise... Happy anniversary to Papa Vic and Mama Emma! :o)

stoicsushi said...

thanks ate bing! your happily ever after has begun as well :)

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