Monday, September 06, 2010

i'm letting you go

to swim with the other fishes so i too can swim in a sea without you in it...

thank you.

you asked me tonight if it was brave of me for not taking the chance just coz i know there's no point or that i'm just scared for not wanting to get hurt. i had no answer, at least not to your face.

I'm telling you now. I honestly don't know. all i know is i have to make peace with what is and not hope or think of what it's not.

and this...letting you matter how hard it is is the bravest thing i have done and will do.

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didi said...

oi, oi. what's this. tell me! i feel bad to be a friend that does not know anything about my friend's love department.

kahit gist? what did he say?

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