Friday, May 07, 2010

17 days down, 13 days to go

i normally don't mind having long assignments. i mean, i totally had fun in Melbourne despite the fact that i was alone for the first couple of weeks.

now that i'm in KL though, i feel like it's taking so long for the project to end. i want to go home. i miss my family, especially miguel who is spending this weekend in boracay.

it doesn't help too that this project sucks big time. i mean, our team here was given the "do you know what you're doing?" treatment since day 1. now, if it really were the case, i'd be big enough to admit that it's true. but it's not. and it sucks! especially when we are all doing our darnest best. kwestyunin ba ang skill sets namin when we are actually ahead of schedule????

next week the team from HK are flying here. time for us to prove them all wrong. and we are all so gonna bring it! ha!

on another note, i think i have gained weight since i got here. the food is great and all we ever do is eat! stress eating isdatyu?

the hotel has a fabulous gym and i plan to go this weekend.

so there, KL is ok. but it's not a place i wanna go back to.

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