Saturday, April 24, 2010

bitchings and musings in Kuala Lumpur

1. the airport
it took forever for us to get an airport taxi. there's 3 of us and obviously the luggage won't fit in a regular car so we requested for a van. the cashier said yes so off we went in line. 30 minutes later, the porter told us we were on the wrong gate. fine. gate no. 5 he said. off we went again. the taxi came. it was a car. right.
we had to go back to the cashier and pay an extra 50RM because apparently, what we paid for was a car, not a van. argh! it took us 2 hours just to get out of the airport!

2. the hotel
I.DON'T.LIKE my hotel. i was given the smallest room possible. small enough to have a minor claustrophobic attack. i managed, however to have them transfer me to a bigger room on thursday.
last night, i hardly slept because the doors of the nearby rooms kept on slamming. really. i had to go out a few times with the hopes that the guests will get the picture. now, did they? hell no! stupid anaps!
having had a bad night, i was, this morning, awaken by the irritating sounds from the hallway. apparently, slamming the doors aren't enough. they had to speak at the top of their lungs while going from room to room. banging the doors as they pleased. really stupid anaps!
oh, and internet isn't free.

3. the stupid anaps
no explanation needed.

4. the cabs
unlike in Singapore, getting a cab here is like haggling in divisoria. much worse than the cabbies in manila. really.

1. the food
for someone who is quite picky with food, i am loving the food so far. from curry to marsala to bokchoi and everything in between, everything is delicious. sans the scarcity of pork, i'm a happy camper.
Jalan Alor is a must for everyone visiting here.

2. the shopping
ooohhh this makes everything alright. stuff here are cheap! even at Debenhams! which makes it a shopping heaven. the damage so far, shoes for miguel, a dress, a pair of pants and a flirty top.

3. the sites
this, i have yet to explore. but it looks promising. tomorrow, we're off to Genting Highlands and i can't wait.

4. the hotel
stupid anaps are gone! yey!

so there, this is my KL experience so far. i will post some pictures soon.
gnyt sweeties!

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