Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jakarta, here i come!

with a touch of apprehension, might i add. really.

it's gonna be my first time to go there and my first time for audit. to say my stress level is uber high is an understatement. i am so freakin out just thinking about it.

i'm not saying i'm not liking it. i'm just freaking out. what if i do something terrible? what if i disappoint the clients? what if their expectations of me are not met? yes, i'm way in over my head. hahaha! for all i know, they might actually like me. wishful thought? i hope not.

sans the self-inflicted audit/work stress, i'm actually looking forward to this trip. we're flying via Sing Air and will be staying at Le Meridien. i am so gonna try their food as i have yet to have an authentic nasi goreng and, since my satay experience in Singapore wasn't as pleasant as i thought it was gonna be, i will definitely try it once more, this time, where it came from. okay now i'm excited hahaha!

oh, and the best part of the trip is that when i get there, i get to be a millionaire (^@^)


voodoo girl said...

sounds like a great opportunity and it's exciting. have fun! and take lots of pics for us hehe :)

sushi said...

i will! i will! hehe!

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