Sunday, August 24, 2008

and so the shopping bug bit

pretty hard if i may add.

heavy rains didn't stop me. the traffic didn't stop me. not even the flock of people along Orchard Road.
i. went. shopping.

the damage: 3 pairs of shoes from Charles & Keith; 10 shirts from Giordano; Baby stuff from IKEA; more baby stuff from Takashimaya; belgian chocolates from Paragon; some more chocolates from Carrefour.

now i'm broke. what i didn't spend in Jakarta, i spent here. even more than the limit i set. damn you Singapore! hahahahha!

tomorrow, i'm heading home and i can't wait.


arcibaldo said...

that sure is a lot of shopping. never got myself to buy more than a pair of shoes in one go.

sushi said...

hehe yeah but i got all three for the price of two. plus you know how it is with women and shoes :D

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