Friday, August 22, 2008

buhbye Jakarta, hello Singapore

the IT review in Jakarta went well. all my previous freakout episodes were all but that, freakouts.

in fact, my wishful thought was granted. i. think. they. liked. me. hahaha! well at least i liked them and every jitter i had disappeared as soon as we got there.

Jakarta was nice way better than i expected. minus the terrible traffic and the ridiculous, can-give-you-a-heart-attack way people drove. it. was. scary.

other than that, i loved it there. loved it enough that i wouldn't mind if the office sends me back next year.

and, after eating all the satays and nasi goreng i could eat, i am now in Singapore where i will get drunk, eat chili crabs and maybe even try their chicken rice since i refused to try it the last time i was here (i don't like boiled chicken hehe).

Singapore Sling, here i come!

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