Monday, August 25, 2008

home sweet home

so i'm back. haller! mabuhay!

first off, the service of SQ918 SUCKS!!! it took them forever to clear the trays which, under normal circumstances, i wouldn't have minded. but no, they had to be uber slow tonight. when i seriously had to pee and i was on the window seat.

it's so nice to see my folks with their uber excited as-if-i'd-been-gone-for-years faces. haha! really, that's how they are. could be one of the reasons why working abroad has yet to cross my mind.

miguel. is. not. home! grrrr!!! when on my way home, all i could see is his face, my sister chose tonight to take him some place. asarrrrrrrrrrr!!! now i have to wait another day to see him.

i'm tired and i'm going to bed. goodnight Manila. it's sure is good to be back.

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