Friday, August 08, 2008

work updates

the other day my boss asked me for an honest opinion whether to transfer this imbecile of an officemate to our team or not -- I SAID NO. nothing personal there, i said. which is true. i just didn't like how he works. she talked to the rest to the team as well and voila! the transfer was cancelled. i did feel slightly bad after. just a tiny, weeny bit.

now my team is down to three and i'm up to my neck with work that i hardly ever leave my seat and the only time i get to puff a smoke is after work. which, come to think of it, is actually good for my health :D

i'm leaving next week to do an audit in Jakarta then i'm off to Singapore for some R&R.
i. can't. wait.


meow said...

oh have fun on your out of town trips :)

btw, thanks for the nail advice. any particular salon you can recommend?

sushi said...

thanks! i will! hehe!

try tips n toes. they have a branch in greenbelt one but you have to call in first since they're always full.

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