Thursday, July 24, 2008

on career growth and imbecile replacements

we all come to a point where we have to choose between what's best for our careers and what's been our comfort zones for the past couple or so years.

being in the field of information technology does give one a variety of options in one's continuous search for career advancement and of course, greener pastures. i know that fully well.

people come and go, i know that for a fact. but if it's half of the team, i can't help but take most of the brunt. as i am new to this team, i am, as early as now, feeling it's toll. i'm still in transition and now have to step up. the pressure is on.

i'm still recovering from the thought of losing the ones closest to me. and as if it's not bad enough as it is, i heard that this imbecile wants to take on the opening. we are crippled now, i have to say. but getting one who could barely walk let alone stand is like a drizzle of salt over fresh wound.

i. don't. like. him.

everything about him. more than his attitude, his work ethic is close to non-existent. really.

i could take on added tasks and bigger responsibilities but i cannot stomach the thought of working with him.

please pretty please let the Sybase gods send us the needed help before my boss decides to get him!


meow said...

this isn't related to your post but i wanted you to check this out... it just reminded me of you! :)

sushi said...

awww but it's in xml format huhuhu...

i'm still using the old template format eh as i'm bobo pa with xml

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