Saturday, July 12, 2008


i've always wanted to try it and today, i finally did.

despite the fact that all my friends were betting on me not actually going through with it, armed with all the courage i could muster and enough enthusiam might i add, i did it!

i have to admit, it was a bit scary in the beginning. i mean, it was going to be my first after all. but as the time drew near, fright turned to anxiety as i could not wait.

i've heard people talk about how wonderful and exciting this kind of experience is but i was just too chicken to actually try. that, and the lack of confidence i got from my friends.

today, however, i stood to prove them wrong. and boy, was i ever glad i did.! hah! and ya'all thought i couldn't!

i cannot believe i'm saying this, but yes, i am ever so proud to say that i no longer am a Divisoria virgin. really. seriously.

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