Friday, June 20, 2008

lotsa rave over Avenue Q

Atlantis Productionsfrom the time the first note was played, until the last applause have faded, i was in theater heaven. really.

it was everything i hoped and thought it would be and more. the puppets were hilarious and the actors, whose energy never ceased, were simply awesome.

the humor was spot on and with the interjection of social issues such as sex, racism and homosexuality, not to mention full puppet nudity, Avenue Q proved itself worthy of it's Tony.

it is indeed a play like no other.

i loved it enough that after seeing it last night, i wanna go and watch it again. so, i will. this Sunday. for it's final show in Manila, i will be there, laughing my ass off and clapping like there's no tomorrow.

of course, it goes without saying, that i will kidnap monsternap Trekkie Monster after the show!


meow said...

trekkie rocks!!! =D

sushi said...

yep!!!! that's why i wanted to bring him home! and i'm not talking about the puppet alone hahhha!

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