Sunday, December 28, 2008

this day, 3 years ago

so i slipped. i have just finished watching Titanic on HBO and darn it! much as i hate getting all cheesy and soft, i couldn't help it.

this day marks 3 years since the end of the worst relationship of my life my last break-up and i have not been in any relationship since. call it a lull, or a dry spell or the effects of getting bruised and battered over and over. call it whatever which way you want but it will only boil to one thing and one question alone. when is this lull going to end?

i mean, come on! it's been 3 effin years! what's up with the stall? seriously.

i am in no rush in any way but once in a while (read: after serious exposure to cheesy mush) i tend to bend and get a wee bit affected.

but, i'm calm now. i just needed to vent and now that i have, i shall get back to my normal bitchy self.

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