Saturday, July 28, 2007

6 weird things about me

april tagged me so here goes...

1. i don't eat mangoes. ripe mangoes to be exact. and i'm talkin about anything that has the slightest hint of ripe mango in it...cakes, ice creams, crepes, shakes, candies. if there's ripe mango in it, i ain't touchin it.

2. i love goin to the beach but i hate saltwater.

3. i eat slow...very slow...i don't think it's weird but my friends say otherwise

4. i can't talk when i'm texting nor can i entertain anyone else when i'm on the at a time please! but when it comes to work, i can multitask.

5. i'm the eldest of three but my mom still calls me her baby...argh!

lastly...and probably the weirdest and most embarassing, if i may add...

6. the first thing i do when i wake up...right before i get off my bed, i FART! and i'm not talkin about a "lady" fart, but more like the oh-my-god-i-can't-believe-that-came-from-me kind.

hahahha so much for makin a good impression huh?

i'm tagging monay, frodo, ate bing, pau, shawie and mike


Frodo said...

Sushi dear,

You know I adore you to bits, but no way am I going to incriminate myself!

sushi said...

hahaha! party pooper!

Frodo said...

Party pooper, eh?

I dare you then: We should get together some time and do a duet! :p

p.s. And no bringing of gas masks please or one of them shishas/hookahs. :D

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