Tuesday, July 17, 2007

if you can fake it, why not?

no, this isn't going to be about sex. sorry to disappoint. i'll save that for another entry.

this is one of those things that us women do if what we have just isn't what we want or if it needs a tad bit of help.

plastic surgery, liposuction, breast implants, nose jobs, face lifts, tattoos to name a few. not to get you excited, i didn't have any of those drastic moves. mine were all simple and very common.

faking it #1
being the chinita that i am, i wasn't blessed with to die-for lashes. imagine my excitement when eyelash extensions came to manila. i couldn't wait to have mine done.

so i did.

and boy, it was sooooo worth it!

faking it #2
since Topher, my stylist, is MIA once again, i had no choice but to look for another one. today, finally, i found him! his name is Dexter and he's my hair's new best friend! he gave me highlights and did a wonderful job with the cut.

so now, i not only have fake lashes, my hair color is fake as well.

what can i say? if you gotta, and you can, why not? right? all for the sake of fashion.

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