Monday, July 02, 2007

Cyma after dark II

i have to say, it wasn't as fun as our visit last wednesday. while food was still great (we ordered 4 Saganakis!) and the cocktails simply wonderful, the music was B-A-D! i have nothing against reggae music but i think it wasn't the place for such. add to that the constant skipping of the cd which could be due to the fact the DJ was at his wits end tryin to mix. oh well, could be his first day at work.

so, after a good two hours, we decided to leave. but not before we try yet another array of alcoholic concoctions. flavors of the night being: Hurricane (same as Hard Rock's version), Electric Jam (like Hurricane, but instead of the grenadine, they used blue curacao) and Cosmopolitan (sady, a really disappointing take on my fave drink).

on the upside, i got to try their molten chocolate cake. served with vanilla ice cream and roasted chestnut sauce, it is by far the best dessert i've had in years. sinful, yes but definitely worth the extra calories. hehehhe! (april is so gonna kill me!)

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