Wednesday, January 09, 2008

get paid for blogging

knowing very well that i blog whenever i can, mike, a friend from work asked me if i wanna try making money out of it. besides the usual AdSense for Google, he said there are those who will pay you just for creating a simple entry about them in your site. not bad since i blog almost everyday anyway.

naturally, i searched for such. there are thousands of these blog advertisers, each catering to a particular target market. after checking out some of these websites, i decided to register on Blogsvertise.

their approach is pretty direct and simple : you register, choose a category which you would like to write about, you get tasks then decide whether to accept them or not. once accepted, you write about them and voila! if the entry is approved, instant money for you. the best part is you need not write an entire post dedicated to it. for more detailed guidelines, you may click on this link

i have yet to get an assignment and i'm curious as to what my first paid blog is gonna be about. it's like i'm back in high school only this time, my reward isn't a grade but one that helps pay the bills (or buy that new lacoste bag i've been dying to have hahaha).

so, if you too wanna make money doing what you love to do, Blogsvertise!.

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