Wednesday, May 14, 2008

of peaks and plateaus

the reason why i haven't been blogging is because there is nothing really worth blogging about. really.

sad, but true. my life's been pretty boring the past couple of weeks hence the lack of update in this site. pitiful, i know!

could it be that i have already peaked and plateaued? it's a scary thought but what if it's true? what if, at the age of 32, there is nothing more in life for me.

sans the wonderful job, fabulous friends and loving family, with the occassional boy-on-the-side, are those "IT" for me? seriously. that's a horrible horrible thought! one which i expect to shake off immediately!

shake shake shake!

what about you? have you had thoughts like these? i mean, not that i'm getting depressed by it or anything. but it does make sense at some point and it does make you think about how your life is and what will you make of it in the years to come.


Frodo said...

Relax, sweetie... you think too much. In my case, I always thought that there will be a surprise waiting for me amids the routines life has given me.

I love surprises.

Don't you?

sushi said...

hmn...depends on what kind. if it involves diamonds, i'm all for it hahahaha!

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