Monday, April 07, 2008

no Hairspray audition for me and other updates

my throat still hurts and i have a really bad cold so there simply is no way i can go for that audition tomorrow. that, plus the fact that i'm still a big pussy. hehehe! so much for mustering 'nuff courage huh?!


uncle C is back in Texas and i'm not sure when he's coming back. boohoo! would've wanted to spend more time with him though. he did say he'll be back next year. oh, might i add that i'm like glued to my computer waiting for him to go online since he left Saturday morning? crazy! i know! i can just imagine my good friend who's now in Africa rolling his eyes and still questioning my taste in men! hahahha!


this has been the longest weekend of my life. the ridiculous summer heat left me with no choice but to stay in and just do nothing. that being said, i'm ever so happy to get back to work tomorrow.


have a great week everyone!


voodoogirl said...

sayang! that audition sounds like fun. i wanted to audition in miss saigon - backk in the day when i was still fresh from chorale and young with guts haha.

get well soon :)

btw, i'm linking you up.

sushi said...

ah i did have my Miss Saigon dreams hahahaha! my love for theater actually started when i first heard Sun and Moon!

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