Thursday, April 17, 2008

of hearts and puzzles

"The heart is like a puzzle. Someone’s supposed to mess it up first so someone else could fix it again"

i got that line from Chico Garcia's blog and i couldn't help but repost it. i mean, who in the world can NOT relate to that? at some point in our lives, in the course of our quest for that one perfect fit, i'm sure we all have had our share of messes. some, even more than others.

while it's true that there are those lucky enough to have their hearts fixed after only one trial, there are those (and i believe the number is greater) who, despite how many attempts at it, end up even more messed up than before, oftentimes leading to a puzzle piece or two missing.

some would be happy to complete just a portion and ignore the missing piece. what's one piece anyway right? still, there are those who really try in the hopes that one day, the puzzle and all the pieces that go with it, will be complete. the quest will then be over and a new journey will commence.

i have had more than my share of messes. in fact, i think i've already lost a couple of pieces. i do believe, however, that someday, my own puzzle will be complete. in my heart i will eventually find that one last last piece. who knows, someone might find it and place it in it's rightful place. for now, i will continue to put them together, one puzzle piece at a time.

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