Saturday, April 05, 2008

night out with my childhood McDreamy

so i take my word back. life is fair after all.

puffy eyes, runny nose, sore throat and the biggest zit in the world did not in any way dampen my night with uncle C and the boys last night.

i had a blast. why wouldn't i? i had a night out with my childhood McDreamy!

me: so, how come you're not married
uncle C: coz you're here
me: seriously, how come?
uncle C: haven't found the right one yet
me: but you have a girlfriend
uncle C: and?
me: ok, so are you happy?
uncle C: didn't say i was
me: so what's the point?
uncle C: it's convenient
me: you'd choose convenience over happiness? that's bullshit!
uncle C: for now, yeah
me: can i not call you uncle C anymore?
uncle C: you can call me anything you want
me: ok, so since you're not happy with your gf and you're still together, imma call you stupid.
uncle C: come on, just dance with me


Anonymous said...

so, who's the McDreamy?

Frodo said...

Never realized that you go for vintage men... darn... that means I'm out. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

sushi said...

@frodo : just like wine sweetie. it gets better as it ages hahaha!

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