Saturday, April 26, 2008

it's official. i hate brooke white!

yes, i do. which is sad because i used to like her. you know, back when she just sang and sounded good instead of capitalizing on her on-the-verge-of-tears drama. which, apparently, works since people still voted for her.

watching her the past couple of weeks had been excruciating. i mean, come on! if she were on audition and she forgot her lyrics, the judges would've called her off right away. you'd think that after her restart on Every Breath You Take she'd learn. but no! she had to do it. again.

never mind that Andrew Lloyd Weber was in the audience. never mind the orchestra. she made a booboo and wanted another take. it's a friggin live show for crying out loud not a dress rehearsal!

she should've gone home this week instead. i'm no fan of Syesha and Carly but they're performances were better by a mile.

not good. seriously.

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Frodo said...

Must be delighted by now that the Brooke has finally left the building.

sushi said...

yup! yey!

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