Monday, May 21, 2007

Caylabne Bay Resort

yet another fun weekend on the beach.

this year's annual team building was held at Caylabne Bay Resort. a good 2-3hrs drive from manila (if you don't get lost that is!), the resort, located just a few minutes away from Puerto Azul, is a wonderful spot for huge company outings.

they have a vast array of water and land activities, including a paintball course.

fire trees lined the road towards the resort

hula hot hawaiian party was held just near the shore

everyone had a blast. it was a weekend of fun, free of stress and it's all about the booz!
beer....lots and lots of ice cold beer!

and of course, what's a party without lechon! yummeee!
the day activities were capped by a hawaiian dinner/dance party held on the beach, complete with leis and bonfire.

oh and by the way, i was voted hula hot momma for the night. beat that! hahahhaa!

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Frodo said...

Hula hot momma???!!! Wow. Yummy that! Hehehehe... >insert pathetic perv canned laughter here<

Congratulations, dearie. I'm sure they've got a legitimate reason to choose you. Of course, all done in good faith. *wink*

What???!!! I'm serious! I'm a poor excuse for a real perv so knock out that sarcastic sneer on your face. Hahahaha!!!

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