Sunday, May 27, 2007

American Idol : 6 - Finale

while this season's finale wasn't as strong as the ones before, Jordin's take on the final song showed everyone why she deserved to win.

This Is My Now, written by Scott Krippayne & Jeff Peabody which bested 19 other original songs, paved the way to Jordin's idol victory.

it was perfect. Jordin gave the kind of vibe Taylor did on the first few lines of Do I Make You Proud.

same goosebumps, same message.

different song, different person.

and what do u know? my fearless forecast came true.


personal faves on the top 20 songs:
This Is My Now, One Night, You Never Gave Up on Me, If You Ask Me To, All The Love Your Heart Can Hold

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