Saturday, May 12, 2007


a couple of my friends and i were havin drinks at cable car last night. they won a basketball game and wanted to have a short night cap.

we went out for a few mins to smoke (since we can't inside) when a fairly decent guy approached us and started blabbering about how his atm got stuck and he can't get cash. that he knows it's embarrassing to ask strangers for gas money but he just needed to go pick his wife up who apparently was in a taping for Sis .

so, after all the blah, i told him how much we can spare. that if it's just gas money he needed, it was ok. gave him a couple of hundreds and said we know shit happens. he wanted to get our number so he could pay us back but we said it was no biggie. after all, it was just gas money.

off he left in his pretty nice car. we went inside. if he was lying, then so be it. karma's a bitch. either way, it was an act of goodwill on our part.

then came one of the waiters. asked us if we knew who that guy was. told him we didn't. apparently, he is the hubby of an actress, a very popular actress. and that he is often seen around the area selling stuff just for a couple of hundred bucks.

oh well, like i said, either way, it was an act of goodwill on our part.

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