Tuesday, May 29, 2007

here come the rain

and the flooded streets of makati is proof that the season has started.

i have a terrible headache and i'm stuck in the office for fear of getting stuck even longer in traffic.

i don't mind though.

heck, after the worst summer of all, i welcome the rain.


senyor.maginoo@gmail.com said...

I adore the rain. I really, really want to experience one of those monster downpours.

I have seen documentaries about the rainy season in the Philippines, India, and other places and I am always totally amazed at the beauty of it and the way it shapes cultures, events, and lives. I am sure the rains are not nearly so cool when you are living with it day after day and dealing with the traffic jams and everything else it surely brings on but even so … living through a rainy season is on my to do list.

For some reason or another I have fixated on Manila as the next foreign locale where I want to experience day-to-day living. Thank you for the peek into your life in Manila.

stoicsushi said...

i never was a fan of the rain...not good for the shoes....not good for the hair :D

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