Monday, June 01, 2009

butterflies in my stomach

the past couple of weeks fell very well on my favor. guy from work and i have been bumping into each other a lot. talking to him is easier now. even managed a few jokes which both made us laugh. o-ha!

i don't know what happened but he seem to now feel at ease around me as well. last week, he made a bet with me that whoever loses will treat the other to lunch. well he won. which meant i have to treat him. i haven't. i know. i'm a dork.

but what can i do? the butterflies in my stomach are just wiggling too much. plus, i'm not even sure if the bet was for real or just his way of saying something for lack of anything to say. paranoid much?



bluecheese said...

the bet sounds like flirting to me. what was the bet about though?

sushi said...

ya think? imma text you what the bet was about :D

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