Saturday, June 13, 2009

from Jakarta with love

greetings from the land of nasi goreng! as with my previous trip here, i'm staying Hotel Le Meridien where the breakfast buffet is to die for and the service is superb. the only downside is that internet isn't free.

that being said, i won't be going online as often as i usually do.

so there. i'm just checkin in to say i've landed safe and my tummy is full :)


Bitchina said...

Hellur, I want pasalubong!

My first day of design class today --- so my pasalubong is related to that! Hahaha!

sushi said...

oo tapos bubulukin mo lng like the Java coffee i gave you the last time hehehe!

i will try and look for some artsy fartsy stuff.

my roaming isn't activated yet!!!! help!

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