Sunday, June 21, 2009

one week down, another to go

one reason i didn't mind coming back to Jakarta is the fact that my colleagues here are nice. so far, everything has gone according to plan. we are even a bit ahead of schedule which is such a relief since i have a scheduled CamSur trip the day after i fly back to Manila. hopefully everything goes well next week.

i've been here for just a little over a week and while i love love love Indonesian food, i'm at the verge of almost gagging at the thought of another nasi goreng or bacon or waffle. don't get me wrong. i know i raved about the uber delish breakfast buffet at the hotel and the local dishes and i still think they're good but having them every single day for 8 days straight kinda spoils the palate.
note to self:!

i missed my sister's birthday last monday and i'm gonna miss Father's Day tomorrow. my brother had to undergo a minor surgery and i so so so miss my nephew. that being said, i can't wait to go home. and eat my mom's adobo :D

one week down, another to go.
and i'm coming back here in July.

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